Incremental Lossless Graph Summarization


MoSSo is a streaming algorithm for lossless summarization of fully dynamic graphs.

MoSSo has the following advantages:

MoSSo is described in the following paper:


The source code used in the paper is available. [GitHub Repository]


Insertion Only Graphs

Name #Nodes #Edges Description Source Download
Protein (PR) 6,229 146,160 Protein Interaction KONECT Link
Email-Enron (EN) 86,977 297,456 Email Network Repository Link
Facebook (FB) 61,095 614,797 Friendship Network Repository Link
Web-EU-05 (EU) 862,664 16,138,468 Hyperlinks LAW Link
Hollywood (HW) 1,985,306 114,492,816 Collaboration LAW Link
Web-UK-02 (UK) 18,483,186 261,787,258 Hyperlinks LAW Link

Fully Dynamic Graphs

Name #Nodes #Additions #Deletions Description Source Download
DBLP (DB) 317,080 1,049,866 116,042 Protein Interaction SNAP Link
YouTube (YT) 1,134,890 2,987,624 331,305 Friendship SNAP Link
Skitter (SK) 1,696,415 11,095,298 1,233,226 Internet SNAP Link
LiveJournal (LJ) 3,997,962 34,681,189 3,854,423 Friendship SNAP Link